Startup Ecosystem

S.No. Publisher Report
1. NASSCOM Indian Startup Ecosystem Maturing
2. GRANT THORNTON Union Budget 2016-17: Impact on Startups
3. GRANT THORNTON Start-up Funding in India (Article)
4. GRANT THORNTON Startups India - An Overview
5. GRANT THORNTON The Indian Startup Saga
6. NASSCOM Inc/Acc Driving Growth of Indian Start-up Ecosystem - 2017
7. FICCI Startup Ecosystem Survey and Best 10 ideas
8. FICCI Developing a Startup Ecosystem - Lessons from the UK
9. FICCI Indian Healthcare Startups
10. EY India: Transforming through radical reforms
11. INNOVEN CAPITAL Startup Outlook Report 2017


S.No. Publisher Report
1. TRACXN                                             2016’S 100 Investment Themes VCs Are Excited About
2. TRACXN  India’s Top 20 Tech Sectors, Based On Investor Activity In 2016
3. TRACXN The World’s Hottest 50 Tech Sectors, By VC Activity In 2016
4. VENTURE INTELLIGENCE Indian Private Equity Trend Report 2016
5. GRANT THORNTON The Fourth Wheel 2017
6. VENTURE INTELLIGENCE Private Equity Impact 2017
7. INNOVEN CAPITAL Indian Angel Report 2016


S.No. Publisher Report
1. NASSCOM                         FinTech Desconstructed - Disruptors or Enablers?
2. NASSCOM  Payments Landscape in India
3. NASSCOM FinTech in India - A Global Growth Story
4. FICCI Digital Banking - New Horizons in a Cash-Light India
5. FICCI Leveraging the FinTech Oppurtunities in India

Internet of Things

S.No. Publisher Report
1. NASSCOM     IoT in India - The Next Big Wave
2. DEM+ND Rules of Engagement
3. EY Internet of Things
4. EY The startup gene: a way forward
5. FICCI The Future: now streaming
6. NASSCOM The Future of Internet in India